Sensitive Teeth

What do we recommend for people whose teeth are sensitive to hot, cold, or sweets? This is a common question.

First, we examine for any decay or gum issues that might be causing the sensitivity. If all is fine, the first question we ask is: “What toothpaste are you currently using?” Any whitening toothpaste can cause sensitivity, and if the patient is using that type of toothpaste we suggest switching to Dr.’s number one choice, which is Sensodyne Rapid Relief. We will usually see an improvement in 7 to 10 days. We suggest packing it on the affected teeth twice a day for about 5 minutes each time.

If there is no significant improvement, we would then recommend an in-office placement of a solution called Telio Desensitizer on the affected areas. These first two treatments are usually very successful, but if sensitivity remains we would then recommend an in-office clear bonding desensitization material called Shield Force Plus. This protocol helps over 95% of those experiencing sensitive teeth. This is the protocol we have been using for years with great success.

(The information contained in this article is strictly for educational purposes and is not meant to replace the professional knowledge or advice of your personal dentist.)