Safest Air Within Our Office

To maintain the safest dental office standards, we utilize the Air Doctor Pro AD3000 purification unit in all our treatment rooms as well as consultation and reception areas. It allows us to have the cleanest air of any medical/professional facility. It is a multiple filter air purifying unit that turns over the air in our treatment rooms about every nine minutes. It utilizes what is called Ultra HEPA technology that is 100 times more effective than ordinary HEPA air purifiers. It filters out particles as small as 0.003 microns. To put this in perspective, the COVID-19 virus particle size is 0.125 microns. This unit also does not produce any ozone, which a lot of others do and thus is much healthier and safer for our staff and patients. It has three filters within it.  One is a dust particle filter, second is a charcoal filter and third is the Ultra HEPA filter.  We have been utilizing this pure air technology since 2020. Ask us about it during your next visit as you will notice it in front left corner of our treatment rooms.

(The information contained in this article is strictly for educational purposes and is not meant to replace the professional knowledge or advice of your personal dentist.)