Pediatric Dentist in Woodbridge, NJ

Children’s teeth need as much care as adults’. Proper dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups are essential for a healthy smile. Taking the child to the dentist, however, is a step many parents dread! Whether it is because of their own dental anxiety or because the child’s unpredictable behavior, there are always fears related to the kid’s first dental appointment. If you are one of those parents who keep postponing the child’s interaction with the dentist, fear no more! Children’s dentists make the annual visits much more pleasant for the little ones.

Children’s dentist – a dentist specialized in pediatric dentistry

The children’s dentist is a professional who finished dental school and followed a two-year specialization in pediatric dentistry. They only check and treat patients between 1 and 18 years old, so they have extensive experience in examining, diagnosing and treating children’s teeth. Furthermore, the equipment, as well as the medications and tools used during treatment are designed children’s needs.

The pediatric dentistry program gives dentists insight into children’s psychology so that they know how to best approach different age groups (toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers). Also, it offers in-depth information about particular problems related to primary teeth, permanent tooth eruption, cavities and orthodontic treatment.

The children’s dentists are trained to check the bone and jaw development, seal and fluorinate the teeth and make dental recommendations based on children’s habits. They are also specialized in offering dental services and guidance to children with special needs.

Fun atmosphere that entertains kids

Dental anxiety starts early in one’s life, so it is important for children to have a good relationship with their dentist from their first years of life. A children’s dentist is fun and knows the words to say to ease children’s discomfort. It is understandable that the little ones may not feel good about interacting with a stranger, but the parent’s reassurance that there is nothing to fear and the dentist’s good humor will eventually put them at ease.

Specially designed offices

It is easier to relax in an environment designed to cater to your needs. The spaces where pediatric dentists receive children for their appointments are colorful, friendly and fit to children’s needs. Most of them include entertainment options for all ages, from infants to high-school students. While it is not recommended to arrive too early for an appointment, arriving a few minutes early will give kids the chance to get used to the environment.

To enjoy the pre-check entertainment, download and fill in the patient forms at home. This way your little one will not feel neglected when you are writing down general health information and you will be sure all the details are put on paper.

Practical advice for children

Children’s dentists want to hear about children’s passions. Apart from the pleasure of a fun conversation, they will also determine if the kid needs a mouth guard for their indoor/outdoor activities. Also, they may instruct parents about the steps to take when the little one has bitten their tongue or cheek while playing football or broken a tooth when they fell off their skateboard.

Pediatric dentists are trained to treat your little one with care and professionalism. Their gentle voices and fun offices make children feel at ease with the entire procedure. So, there are high chances that the dentist becomes your little one’s friend and role model!