See What Our Patients Have to Say About David J. D’Apolito, D.M.D., LLC

Written Testimonials

“I want to start off by saying, I have been to many Drs over the past few years, and not once have I been to an office that has such a warm feeling, great dentist, and such an incredible staff. Every single time I come to this office I am greeted with a smiling face, and people who show True compassion. This is a very rare and extreme quality that you all express, and I am very Grateful! I have always been embarrassed about my teeth, and Not Once have I been made to feel ashamed or embarrassed. So with that comes a Huge Thank you. I hope you continue to make patients feel as comfortable as you Have All made me. Thanks Again!!!”

Bob (Robert) King

“I’ve been coming to Dr. D’Apolito since 1989 and during that time I have had routine exams and cleanings as well as root canals and crowns. I am very pleased with the work and professionalism of Dr. D’Apolito and his staff. I highly recommend him to anyone with dental problems. It’s always a pleasure to go to his office and receive excellent dental care.”

Walter Galvanek

“I have been seeing Dr. Dave for about 20 years and continue to appreciate him. He’s an excellent dentist and committed to providing his patients with state of the art and personalized care. He’s professional, friendly, open, and informative. Over the years I have had regular cleanings and checkups, restorations, and crowns. When a treatment is discussed he presents options. The computerized slide show of my teeth will never win an Oscar but it is informative!

The hygiene and office staff are equally wonderful. The office is very efficient and appointments are always on time. Everyone is friendly and the atmosphere in the office is very pleasant and patient centered. Any problem or concern is addressed immediately.

I have never hesitated to recommend my family and friends to Dr. Dave, even if they are not Yankee fans.”

Dr. Susan Mansfield

“I have been a patient of Dr. D’Apolito since 2003. I have had much work done such as routine work to crowns and permanent bridges. At every visit I have been impressed by Dr. D’Apolito and his staff’s professionalism and friendly, caring atmosphere. I recommend Dr. D. to my friends and family….. “

Andrew Kovacs

“Dr. D’Apolito has been my dentist for over 22 years. During that time I have had many different types of dental work done. I have found him to be a very caring, thoughtful and most considerate person. His professionalism in his dental work is beyond reproach, always very thorough, very up to date with equipment and procedures and extremely considerate of his patients. Both he and his staff are a delight.”

Louise McDyer

“I’ve been with Dr. Dave for over 20 years and in that time he has always been friendly, professional, and very caring. Always has a big smile for you and makes you feel welcome. His office is second to none. Immaculate and always with the latest technology, which ensures that we get the very best of care and results. His staff is also very upbeat, capable, and courteous and also always has a nice smile for you.”

Artie Wegg

“I highly recommend Dr. D’Apolito to my friends and family. I have relied on Dr. D’Apolito to care for all my dental needs since 1987. This is because he is not only skillful, but honest and trustworthy as compared to other dental experiences I have had….”

Irene Brennan

“Dr. D’Apolito and staff are truly a pleasure. The staff is accommodating, considerate, and super friendly. The office is pristine and the technology superb. Dr. D’Apolito is extremely thorough and also patient. My family always leaves with a smile. It is definitely a benefit experiencing being a patient of Dr. D’Apolito….”

Ann Marie Greener

“In 1988, while roller skating in my driveway, I fell and broke my front teeth during Memorial Day weekend. For an 11 year old girl it was traumatizing to think I would have to go back to school with broken front teeth and that all the other kids would make fun of me……Dr. D’Apolito gallantly came into the office during the holiday weekend and fixed me up as good as new.”

“In 2008 I was preparing for my wedding and wanted some cosmetic dentistry done before the big day. I thought of no one else but Dr. D’Apolito for that work. His precision and accuracy makes for perfection in his work. He makes patient’s feel comfortable, relaxed and like family. He always explains every procedure thoroughly and is always continuing his education on the newest dentistry developments. I have been in healthcare for over 20 years, with a few of those years being in dentistry, and I have not met a dentist I trust more. I appreciate all he has done over the years for me and my family…”

Jennifer Clinedinst, RHIA, CCS, RT(R)

“I have been a patient here since 1996. I am no longer afraid of going to the dentist. The treatment here is always caring and with a smile. I’ve recommended the Doctor many times over the years and continue to do so.”

Mark Dykeman

“I started going to Dr. D’Apolito in 2006. Dr. Dave was very patient with me as I originally was a big baby and always scared to go to the dentist. I must say I felt very comfortable with him immediately and now I have a nice smile. If you are nervous, go to Dr. Dave and you will like him and feel comfortable as he is very friendly and a great dentist as well. I now like going to the dentist.”

Martha Webb

“I have been a patient of Dr. D’Apolito for over 22 years. In those years I’ve had many treatments, from teeth cleaning to Root Canal Therapy. Dr. D’Apolito explained before any treatment, why and what he was going to do. I have been very satisfied and pleased with his work, and in the professional manner that he goes about it. His staff is very polite and professional, and is always there to answer any questions. His office seems to have the most up-to-date technology and I have never been to a cleaner dental office. I recommend Dr. D’Apolito to all my friends and family….”

Stanley Gurney

“The office compared to others is very professional and informative. Dr. D’Apolito takes an honest interest in his patients and their needs. He overcomes any fears by making them feel comfortable, discussing all procedures thoroughly and relieving them of any apprehensions they may have. Been coming here since 1987 and have encouraged family and close friends to come to his office……..”

Maryann Balogh