Bioactive Adhesive Dentistry

The newest technology in dentistry is called bioactive dental adhesion. We utilize the first and only true bioactive dentinal bonding adhesive available that is designed to eliminate decay where the restoration meets the tooth.

Bioactive Adhesive Dentistry works by pulling in calcium and phosphates from our saliva to reseal or heal any areas or gaps. Basically, it self-repairs and presents us with a material that dentistry has been looking for since the dawn of modern dentistry. We have been utilizing this material for the last two years (since it came out), and have been very impressed. It has the strongest bond or attachment to natural tooth structure that we know, it self-repairs or heals itself, and it prevents or minimizes the need to replace restorations as they age.

(The information contained in this article is strictly for educational purposes and is not meant to replace the professional knowledge or advice of your personal dentist.)